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Newsletter & Annual Report

Healing Hands Health Center is up-to-date in sharing the latest news around its involved community through online newsletters. Check out some of the eNewsletter’s below to learn more on what’s happening in the Healing Hands community.

Our 2016 annual report is available to download: Annual Report (2016).pdf.

February 2016: e-Newsletter

David moved to the Tri-Cities area when his mother was placed in a nursing home in Kingsport two years ago. Moving to a small city like Bristol presented certain challenges, and he found himself having to move from a management position to a server position to gain employment.

January 2016: e-Newsletter

A big thank you to Linda Wilkinson, CEO of the Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, and Kathryn Zapach, Director of Member Support for VAFCC, for attending our Board retreat and providing valuable information about growing our ministry and continuing to meet the needs in our region.

December 2015: e-Newsletter

Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Year, Gary McGeough! Gary is a long-time volunteer and helped oversee the construction/renovation of our new building.