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Patient Stories

Healing Hands Health Center is happy to help the community of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia in terms of their medical needs. Here are some of the stories of the patients that were helped by Healing Hands.


Wesley currently works hard at a job that offers him medical, but no dental insurance. Wesley feels blessed because there was a time in his life when he was homeless. Over a period of four years without a home, Wesley says his teeth got really bad and he didn’t have the means to have them professionally cleaned or have any work done on them. Wesley was in severe dental pain and urgently needed dental help.

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In 2010, Debbie started losing her ability to do her job because she was no longer able to lift anything, including something as simple as a coffee cup. She knew about Healing Hands and sought help from Dr. Arnold and his staff.

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Over a year ago, Ricky started having difficulty with his legs. This problem remained undiagnosed and got progressively worse until he could no longer walk. Ricky was able to come to Healing Hands and qualify for care.

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A thyroid issue brought me to Healing Hands. After I started getting care at Healing Hands, my husband had a bleed on his esophagus, and Dr Arnold took care of him too. He made sure that my husband stayed out of the ER, and went out of his way to keep us from getting extra medical bills. Back in December this year, I woke up and was too dizzy to get up.

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Kenneth, Feeling Great Again! Kenneth had dealt with medical issues for years. Three long months went by with no medication and Kenneth‘s health was rapidly declining with no way out…..until he was blessed to find Healing Hands.

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At age 42, Judy was diagnosed with Hepatitis C that she got from a blood transfusion as a teenager for a tonsillectomy. Unfortunately, because of this serious liver disease, she became disabled and 10 years passed without going to the dentist. Then she found Healing Hands and got the care she needed.

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