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Patient Stories

Healing Hands Health Center is happy to help the community of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia in terms of their medical needs. Here are some of the stories of the patients that were helped by Healing Hands.


Norma, 47, had worked in management for most of her adult life – holding stable jobs that came with health insurance benefits. Then, the company that employed her was sold. Norma and her husband, who had worked for the same company, were unemployed and uninsured.

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I found out about Healing Hands through some family members after I lost my job. I started seeing Dr. Arnold and the medical staff, and loved it. I was surprised that no matter what came up, Dr. Arnold was knowledgeable on that subject. It is very reassuring to have medical staff that is well versed like that.

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Paul moved to Bristol three years ago from Connecticut and was grateful to be in a new place that he’d heard such wonderful things about and joining his sister who has lived here a long time. Paul has worked his entire life but didn’t realize it would be so difficult finding a job with benefits in a new place where he knew no one.

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