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They depend on us. We depend on you.

We are very blessed in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia! We live in a vibrant community with a very supportive hospital system and a talented community of medical professionals. But even amid this abundance, there is a big gap in our health care system for those who lack personal or employer-sponsored health insurance or access to Medicare or Medicaid.

Without nonprofit health care providers like Healing Hands Health Center, thousands of our hard-working neighbors who fall in this category would be forced to visit crowded emergency rooms for routine care—or receive no care at all for serious and chronic illnesses that could prevent them from working or supporting their children.

Is this what we want for our community?

At Healing Hands Health Center, we believe everyone should have access to high-quality health care. But we depend on you to make this vision a reality.

The majority of our 1.1-million-dollar budget comes from donations.  We rely on contributions from individuals, civic groups, foundations, businesses, churches and events like our annual Fundraising Gala and Sweets for the Sweet Cupcake Fundraiser to meet the ever-growing need for the services provided by Healing Hands.  In addition to cash donations, Healing Hands Health Center’s community partners and many local businesses provide pro bono services that greatly impact our ability to provide quality healthcare for our patients.

We are thankful for this unwavering support that, in 2018, allowed Healing Hands to provided 6,646 patient visits and dispense $4,000,000 in much needed medications to low-income, working, uninsured patients in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

On behalf of our patients, we thank you for your generous support!

Ways of Giving

There are a number of ways, in addition to cash gifts, for interested donors to make a contribution to the ministry of Healing Hands Health Center. Gifts of securities, real estate, gifts-in-kind and planned gifts are all welcome. Gifts may be made in memory of a loved one, to honor a friend or to commemorate a special occasion.

Annual Giving

Annual giving is an opportunity to provide sustained ongoing support for the mission of Healing Hands Health Center by answering the call to action through fundraising appeals or events like the annual Fundraising Gala.

Planned Giving

Planned giving is an opportunity to support the mission of Healing Hands today and into the future. Planned gifts include contributions through wills, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, life insurance, or bequests.

Monthly Giving

Monthly giving is a way to become a sustaining donor and a vital part of supporting the mission all year long. Join the Compassion Club today! It is as easy as setting up a monthly donation to Healing Hands using your bank account or credit card.

Tribute Giving

Tribute giving is a way to memorialize or honor a loved one. When making a tribute gift, provide the details in the box above so that we may send the proper acknowledgement to the family or recipient.

Should you have questions regarding Ways of Giving, we are happy to help. Please call Jodi Kemple at (423)573-4327.

To make a donation over the phone or a stock donation, please contact our Financial Coordinator, Karen Roberts.