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June-July 2017: e-Newsletter

The “Journey For Health” Wellness Team

Wellness Team(Left to Right): Misty Collins – Nurse Practitioner, Nachella Crawford – Registered Medical Assistant, Lily Champion – Certified Wellness Coach, Dawn Roller – Wellness Outreach Coordinator, Susan Ojanen – Certified Wellness Coach

Children’s Dental Day

Healing Hands Health Center was chosen as a host site for “Smile Power Week”, a program of Delta Dental of Tennessee. Our Children’s Dental Day was held on Monday, June 12th, with 66 children in attendance. Each child received a free dental check-up, a draw string backpack, a t-shirt, and dental kit. Chick-Fil-A provided chicken biscuits, and David Taylor with Bristol Magic and Balloons added great enjoyment to the activity list with his music and show! Head Start and Sullivan County Health Department were vendors, and we had over 40 volunteers! Some of the activities were Plaque Attack, Read About It, An Apple A Day, Knock Out Sugar, and Toothbrush Toss, as well as several craft activities! Thanks to YWCA Tech Gyrls and Girls, Inc. for bringing their students to this great event! Thanks to ETSU Dental Hygiene graduates and students and Ross Dental
Assisting students for being awesome volunteers!

Patient Stories


Harold is a retired Veteran who has been receiving medical care at the VA since 2010.   He had not encountered any significant health issues until January of this year, when his teeth began deteriorating. By February 19th every single tooth had broken off. Unfortunately for Harold, only individuals on 100% service disability qualify for dental care at the VA. This left him in a painful and very expensive predicament because most for-profit dental clinics would charge a minimum of $100 per tooth for extractions.

Then Harold saw an advertisement that Healing Hands was honoring our Veterans by hosting a Free Dental Day. “I called in and got an appointment right away,” he exclaimed. “I had another Vet drive me into town. We found it easily, and I have never met a nicer bunch of people in my life. I got my teeth pulled, received two t-shirts and a haircut, all at no charge. It was so nice and easy. I thought I was going to have to live with those painful, broken teeth forever!”


Holly moved back to Bristol in 2013 to start over after several devastating events in her life. “There I was, with two bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees and I couldn’t find work. I took a job as a cashier, which did not offer insurance, and I needed care for my blood pressure.” Holly knew about Healing Hands because she remembered some of the staff from childhood, so she applied to become a patient. “The staff there is just amazing and they treat everyone the same,” she declared. After being a patient for roughly six months, Holly became very sick and lost about 20 pounds. “I made an appointment so they could check me out and see what was wrong. Dr. Arnold met me at the ER to get a lung x-ray and to make sure it was done right then and there. It turns out I had a severe case of pneumonia, and if I had let it go much longer it could have killed me!” Today, Holly is healthy and has found a new job which offers her medical and dental insurance, meaning that she is no longer eligible to be patient at Healing Hands. But according to her, “I have never received better medical care than that given by Healing Hands.”

You see, whether serving as a stop-gap for folks like Holly, or as a last resort for situations similar to Harold’s, Healing Hands plays an important role in this community. We offer a service that thousands of our friends, neighbors and family members rely on. Healing Hands is not a government handout. The mission of Healing Hands is to glorify Christ by providing quality, charitable healthcare to the working, uninsured in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. We are helping individuals who are trying to help themselves and their families, but are not fortunate enough to have insurance.

We are depending on you to help us care for them!

Please consider partnering with us to help serve more individuals in our community like Harold and Holly. $150 covers the cost of a single medical or dental visit. $1,500 provides total medical, dental and prescription expenses for a single patient for an entire year. No amount is insignificant; every dollar you give will help change a life forever!

Please help us create a lasting impact for those who struggle to receive affordable medical and dental care!

Week of Caring Project

Week of Caring 2We would like to extend a bid “Thank You” to our friends from Settlers Life Insurance, and their participation in the United Way “Week of Caring” project. Our clinic storage area is now much more efficient and user-friendly, allowing our ministry to operate more effectively on a daily basis.

Community Rewards

HHHC Community Rewards

Please partner with us through Kroger Community Rewards. Simply add Healing Hands as a non-profit partner to your Kroger Plus Card, and allow us to receive charitable benefits from Kroger as you shop