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Important Information Regarding COVID-19 & How You Can Help

Updated: December 2, 2020
Published: Mar 17, 2020

Healing Hands Health Center is dedicated to providing quality healthcare to uninsured residents of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, which includes protecting the health and safety of our patients, staff and volunteers. Due to the COVID-19 guidelines, we are operating differently. We will be continually monitoring this situation and make any necessary changes. WE ARE STILL OPEN!

We request that all patients and visitors wear a cloth face mask when visiting the clinic.

For our current medical patients, we are treating medical emergency patients and certain conditions on site and are treating all other patient needs via telemedicine. If you need to make a medical appointment or have any questions, please call 423-652-0260, Option 3.

For our current dental patients, we are providing diagnosis, extractions, fillings, dentures and partials. However, vulnerable patients (older adults and those with suppressed immune systems) are encouraged to stay home. We are providing diagnosis, extractions, fillings, cleanings, and dentures and partials. If you need to make a dental appointment or have any questions, please call 423-652-0260, Option 2.

For people who would like to become a new patient, please apply online. Please call 423-652-0260, Option 7 if you have patient application questions or have problems completing the online form.

For Vision patients, a volunteer practitioner is offering eye exams in her office. Please call 423-652-0260, option 7 for more information.

For Chiropractic patients, we are currently not offering this service.

If you are concerned you may be ill with COVID-19, please call Ballad Nurse Connect at 833-822-5523, available 24/7, for a free screening.

For our community supporters: Although we are managing our resources wisely, additional support during this time will give us the necessary flexibility to “keep the lights on” while responding effectively to this crisis. Healing Hands commits to:

  • Continuing to pay our 24 staff members, operate with a small-but-mighty onsite clinical team, while surging forward via telework for those able to do their jobs from home
  • Purchasing hand sanitizer, gowns, masks, and cleaning supplies
  • Enforcing strict social distancing and Personal Protective Equipment policies for everyone onsite
  • Increasing our staff’s hours to compensate for the reduction of volunteer hours
  • Be available to people who have lost their health insurance during this pandemic
  • Transitioning to a software platform that will better enable us to conduct virtual telehealth visits with patients, staff, and volunteer providers

As we move through this crisis, so much is unpredictable—what was true yesterday is outdated today. What’s certain is that Healing Hands will continue leveraging your support with 23 years of experience meeting the healthcare needs of our region’s most vulnerable to ease the burden of this pandemic on our low-income neighbors. While these are uncertain financial times for all of us, a special gift to support our ongoing operations would be greatly appreciated. We remain deeply grateful for your support!

God Bless and Stay Safe,

Helen Scott
Executive Director
Healing Hands Health Center