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Daniel’s Story

In October of 2019, life threw me a curve ball! I was a senior at ETSU, working two part-time jobs and did not have health insurance. I had not been feeling well for quite some time.  I visited an area urgent care clinic where they conducted blood tests and found my blood

Sugar levels to be alarmingly high. From there I was hospitalized and later diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Shortly after the diagnosis, a friend told me about Healing Hands Health Center.   This is where my story began.

I contacted Healing Hands to get an appointment. The medical clinic did not have an availability for about 6 weeks. I explained my dire situation and tried not to let fear take over. I had just taken my last dose of insulin for the day and had just enough left for one more day. Completely exacerbated and faced with tragedy, I bowed my head from within my car in a parking lot at ETSU and spoke these words, God, I know that you can work miracles, and I need a miracle. Amazingly, the next day, my phone rang and it was Cheryl at Healings Hands; they were able to work me in the following day! Talk about experiencing a miracle! Once the call ended, I cried tears of thankfulness and repeatedly thanked my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I visited Healings Hands two days after that prayer, and I have felt at home ever since.