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Judy’s Story

HHHC Judy's Story

At age 42, Judy was diagnosed with Hepatitis C that she got from a blood transfusion as a teenager for a tonsillectomy.   Unfortunately, because of this serious liver disease, she became disabled and 10 years passed without going to the dentist. Then she found Healing Hands and got the care she needed.

Other things had to take priority, and I am raising two grandchildren, so dental care for me seemed like an extravagance and not a necessity. Thanks to Healing Hands I no longer have dental issues and regular dental cleanings have made a world of difference.   Living pain free is amazing, and it is all thanks to Healing Hands.  Everyone is so nice, and the facility is amazing.  They do not treat you like you are in need.  They treat you very well and give the best service I have ever had.  At Healing Hands, I feel like I am in Heaven!