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Paul’s Story

HHHC Paul's Story

Paul moved to Bristol three years ago from Connecticut and was grateful to be in a new place that he’d heard such wonderful things about and joining his sister who has lived here a long time. Paul has worked his entire life but didn’t realize it would be so difficult finding a job with benefits in a new place where he knew no one. He searched, asked around and did everything he could to find something he was qualified to do that offered insurance but with no luck, was forced to gain employment immediately at a place that offered no medical or dental insurance options. Paul began having severe tooth pain that first led him to Healing Hands and ironically is what ended up saving his life…

My sister told me about Healing Hands, and that’s how I found out about it. The first few times I came here it was for dental work – I had terrible dental pain because I’d been without dental insurance for a long time. It was a huge help, because you know how expensive dental work can be sometimes. That was a life-saver, because I had a severely abscessed tooth and my whole face was hurting, and I was afraid I’d miss work at the job I’d just started. I thought about pulling my tooth myself because I didn’t know any other options, but after my sister told me about Healing Hands I came down, filled out an application, brought in the few documents they requested and they took care of my dental problems immediately. The dental staff took great care of me, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the care and love they showed me. At this point, I had not even met Dr. Arnold yet but because I wasn’t feeling well they got me right in to see him, and little did I know he would end up saving my life.

I have been sick in the past a handful of times and unfortunately, I do have high blood pressure that I try to manage without medication because it’s so expensive; truthfully, the thought of having to find money to go to the doctor is unpleasant and just plain hard. It is tough enough to scrape by and cover all the regular bills without adding in more for medical bills and expensive medication. Even working as much as you can, it is almost impossible to save money for that. Thanks to the incredible staff at Healing Hands, when I thought I had the flu or an infection from my severely abscessed tooth, I was able to get in and see Dr. Arnold within days of my first dental appointment. I was incredibly fatigued and suffering from terrible headaches and chills –sure enough I tested positive for the flu virus that day, but because Dr. Arnold provides such thorough care and examinations, he ordered a chest x-ray because I was very short of breath. We both thought I probably had pneumonia associated with the flu or something. As it turns out, I was diagnosed from the results of the chest x-ray and then a CT scan with lung cancer and am now able to receive treatment and care because of Healing Hands and the very, very generous partnerships they have with other medical offices and doctors. It goes without question that without Healing Hands and gifts from the generous donors in our community, I would have died alone at home without any hope and certainly without any help. In my heart, it is apparent to me that ‘Dr. Arnold is like a shepherd taking care of his flock. He takes the best care of his patients while making them feel listened to and well cared for.’

I share my story with you, the donors and volunteers of Healing Hands, to ask that you continue supporting this wonderful place. I know that without Healing Hands many of us, thousands and thousands, would go undiagnosed, untreated and unloved. This place saved my life, both physically and spiritually, and I’m forever grateful for all of the love and support shown to them by you because they turn around and show the same love and support to us.

Please give… if only $5 – it can cover the cost of medication for someone like me who for so long was so broken without it. Thank you for any consideration you’d give to this wonderful ministry. They are changing lives and caring for those left out and often forgotten.”