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Ricky’s Story

HHHC Ricky's Patient Story

Over a year ago, Ricky started having difficulty with his legs.  This problem remained undiagnosed and got progressively worse until he could no longer walk.  Ricky was able to come to Healing Hands and qualify for care.

They sure helped us a lot.  We are barely making it at home living on one income.  Finding Healing Hands has just been the most wonderful thing for me.  On my very first visit, I got diagnosed with arthritis in my legs.  The staff is great!  They did on the first day what no one else could do.  That was more than I had hoped for, but they did not stop there.  They also diagnosed my Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and they even had me go to the hospital for sleep apnea studies.  Healing Hands has given me the best medical care and also help with my medicines.  We are very thankful and very blessed.  The staff and volunteers at Healing Hands have just been a God-send.