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Hypertension: Dodge the Silent Killer

The American College of Cardiology guidelines are: 1) Normal: Less than 120/80 mmHg 2) Elevated: Systolic (top number) between 120-129 mmHg and diastolic (bottom number) less than 80 mmHg 3) Stage 1: Systolic between 130-139 mmHg or diastolic between 80-89 mmHg. Read More

Too Sweet for Our Own Good? Get to Know the Most Common Types of Diabetes

There are 3 common types of Diabetes – (1) the Prediabetes, where your blood sugar level starts to get high; (2) Type 1 Diabetes – where your pancreas produces little or no insulin; and (3) Type 2 Diabetes – where your body’s production of blood sugar is already affected. Read More

Got the Sugar Blues? 4 Steps to Defeat the Sugar Monster

Sugar is easily hidden in foods because of the numerous sources for it – but now you’ll know. Here’s a few to watch out for: The “oses”, Evaporated Cane Juice, Agave Nectar, Corn Syrup… Read More

Do You Have Work Stressors? Read Our 6 Hacks to Relieve Stress!

Having Stresses from work? Here’s our 6 solutions for those problems! These include: (1) Don’t Take Things Personally or Make Assumptions, (2) Make “ahead” Your Word of the Day Every Day… Read More

Having a Hard Time Falling Asleep? Read Our 5 Hacks to Fall Asleep Fast!

If you are suffering from having a hard time falling asleep, we have 5 solutions to help you with it! These include: (1) Beat the Sugar Blues, (2) Kill the Buzz, (3) Wired at Night? Zap the Blue Light… Read More