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The best time to start exercising excellently is now! And here are 5 tips how: 1 – Plan your workouts at the beginning of the week. 2 – Find A Fitness Friend. 3 – Do What You Enjoy! 4 – Listen to What Your Body is Saying. 5 – Be Courteous to Yourself...Read More

Well, in answer to the question, “is sugar ever okay to eat?” yes. It is okay to eat sugar. Sometimes. There are many studies with evidence as to why/how too much sugar is detrimental to your health and well-being...Read More

What if I told you that there was something that would benefit every function of your body, help you feel more awake and alert, promote weight loss, is essentially free, and it’s there before you just waiting to be taken? Would you be interested in trying it...Read More

Cut the soda and energy drinks and replace them with water! The FDA uses the standard 2000 calorie a day plan to determine total intake of nutrients. The FDA recommends no more than 50g of sugar per say...Read More

Our ears can hear a wide range of sounds from very quite sounds to very loud sounds. The unit of measurement for the loudness of a sound is the decibel (Db). The more loud a sound is, the higher the Db level...Read More