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According to most, the answer is an emphatic “Yes!” Though, with any meal, you must make sure that what you’re eating is a nutritious choice. The name of a meal or the time of a meal doesn’t necessarily make it healthy…Read More

This can be harder to do when it’s cold or rainy outside, but by stepping out into nature we can experience some of the beautiful and calming effects that nature inherently gives…Read More

Chocolate has many benefits, though not all chocolate is created equally. White chocolate has no cocoa powder in it at all. Milk chocolate contains as little as 10% cocoa powder...Read More

Start with – Creating a List. Set a timer for two minutes and just write out what you’re feeling you’d like to change or achieve. Don’t worry about the practical carrying out of these ideas yet, just get them down on paper...Read More

When you’re throwing that Christmas party, be sure to surround your space with delicious and healthy options...Read More